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U.S. issues new travel warning for Indonesia

A tourist honors victims of the bomb attack in Bali, Indonesia, by scattering flowers along the beach.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Warning of more possible attacks in Indonesia, the U.S. State Department reminded Americans Saturday to avoid traveling to the Southeast Asian nation.

The warning, which replaces Monday's travel warning for Indonesia, cites "continued security concerns" following last weekend's deadly bombings at two Bali nightclubs. Nearly 200 people were killed in Bali, mostly Australians.

The same day the nightclubs were hit, there was an attack near the U.S. consular office in Bali, causing no injuries.

"The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta has received information that indicates extremist elements may be planning additional attacks targeting U.S. interests in Indonesia, particularly U.S. government officials and facilities," the State Department said.

"The attack in Bali, which took place in an area with a large number of foreign tourists, clearly indicates that this threat also extends to private American citizens."

Indonesian authorities blamed al Qaeda terrorists for the bombings.

Monday, the State Department ordered all nonemergency U.S. government employees and their families to leave Indonesia, and urged other Americans to do the same.

A series of bombings over the past two years has struck religious, political, and business targets throughout Indonesia.

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