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Bush offers condolences to Australians

'Together we will hunt down the killers'

Armed police officers stand guard near the ruins of a nightclub that was flattened by an explosion.
Armed police officers stand guard near the ruins of a nightclub that was flattened by an explosion.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush offered condolences to the people of Australia on Saturday for the loss of life in last weekend's Bali nightclub bombings, vowing to work together in the fight against terrorism "to keep the peace and to make the world more free."

"Together we face an enemy which does not value innocent life, an enemy which tries to terrorize the free world into inaction," Bush said in a videotaped address to the Australian public. "They will fail. Together we will hunt down the killers so that there's justice in the world."

The address was timed for Sunday's national day of mourning in Australia. The bombings on the Indonesian tourist island killed some 200 people, most of them from Australia, where there's been mounting dissatisfaction with the repatriation issue for remains.(Full story) At least two Americans are also confirmed to have died. (Death toll breakdown)

"Our country grieves with you, and we suffer with you," Bush said. "And we send our prayers to the families who cry, and we send our prayers for a speedy recovery for the injured."

Indonesian authorities say they suspect members of the Islamic group Jemaah Islamiyah, which U.S. officials say has ties with ties to the al Qaeda terrorist network, are responsible for the bombings -- the deadliest terrorist violence since the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. (Indonesia passes antiterror decrees)

Bush noted the parallel between the attacks in his remarks.

"America and Australia are close friends. We value our friendship. We remember so well after September the 11, 2001, your prayers, your sympathies, your strong support. And we will never forget it. On this sad day, on this day of mourning, America is with you in spirit."

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