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Police investigate Jeb Bush's daughter

Noelle Bush
Noelle Bush  

ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) -- Orlando police said Tuesday that Noelle Bush, the daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is under investigation after staff at a drug treatment facility said she was found with a "white rock substance" that tested positive for cocaine.

A statement said officers were dispatched to the Center for Drug-Free Living about 8:45 p.m. EDT Monday to investigate a complaint involving Noelle Bush.

The statement said officers were told Bush was found in possession of "a small white rock substance." Officers field-tested the substance, which was 2 grams, and it came back positive for the presence of cocaine, police said.

No charges have been filed, and Bush, 25, remained at the drug treatment facility.

In Tallahassee, Jeb Bush said he and his wife, Columba, had been told of the development.

His office issued a statement saying, "As Columba and I have shared before, the road to recovery is a difficult and long journey for those afflicted with addiction. My family loves Noelle very much and continues to pray for her continued progress. We again ask the public and media to respect our privacy during this difficult time for our family."

Noelle Bush was arrested in January when authorities said she attempted to use a fake prescription for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax at a Tallahassee pharmacy.

In July, a judge sent Bush to the Orange County Jail for three days after staff members at the facility accused her of violating the terms of her court-ordered drug treatment program by taking prescription pills from a nurse's office.

If Bush completes the treatment program, she will avoid jail time, and the fraudulent prescription charge against her will be dropped.




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