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Man with 16 guns arrested in D.C.

Cloutier, in blue jeans, is photographed by officials Wednesday.
Cloutier, in blue jeans, is photographed by officials Wednesday.  

From Jeanne Meserve
CNN Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A man was arrested Wednesday afternoon in downtown Washington after a cache of weapons -- including 10 rifles and six handguns -- was found in his car, law enforcement sources said.

The man, whom the sources identified as Jeffrey Cloutier, has not yet been charged and will probably face a court appearance Thursday.

Cloutier is in Secret Service custody and is being questioned, the sources said. A woman in the car was detained as well.

The car was a rented Chevrolet Cavalier, sources said.

The alert to locate the vehicle the man was thought to be driving first came from the Newport, New Hampshire, police department Tuesday night, according to one law enforcement official.

Jeffrey Cloutier was in U.S. Secret Service custody after 16 rifles and handguns were found in his rented car (September 4)

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It was issued after the man made comments about needing to go to Washington to "get things straightened out."

Word of the search for the vehicle became public in Philadelphia after a local media outlet reported police communications describing the vehicle.




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