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FBI profiles Baton Rouge serial killer

Authorities say Green, Kinamore and Pace, from left, were killed by the same man.
Authorities say Green, Kinamore and Pace, from left, were killed by the same man.  

From Ed Lavendera
CNN Dallas Bureau

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (CNN) -- The serial killer whom Louisiana investigators say has murdered three women in the past year is described as an "impulsive" and "determined" individual who appears to be "non-threatening," according to an FBI profile released Tuesday.

"He may come across to some women as a nice guy," said Cpl. Mary Ann Godawa, a spokeswoman for the Baton Rouge Police Department. "This veneer of harmlessness is his shield of protection from suspicion."

The FBI profile also describes the unidentified culprit as a white male between the ages of 25 and 35. He wears size 10 or 11 shoes and is probably able to lift about 175 pounds.

Investigators also suspect news media coverage of the murders probably makes the killer agitated and angry.

The profile said the killer would probably make comments to those around him suggesting that law enforcement hasn't solved the murders "because whoever is responsible is too smart to get caught."

"This offender will be very interested in the release of the profile information today," Godawa said. "While on the outside he might try to appear very disinterested, he will in fact feel very anxious that some of his own traits, as identified by the FBI, make him noticeable to others."

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Federal Bureau of Investigation 

FBI agents in a special "profiler unit" compiled the profile. The agents used crime scene evidence and blended in data from similar cases across the country to develop a personality sketch of what type of person could commit these murders.

Investigators have not yet identified a suspect. A task force of local, state and federal authorities is investigating the case.

DNA evidence has linked the murders of Gina Wilson Green, 41, Charlotte Murray Pace, 22, and Pam Kinamore, 44.

Green was strangled to death last September in her home. Pace was stabbed to death in her home May 31. Kinamore was abducted from her home July 12 and her body dumped off an Interstate highway just east of Baton Rouge.

Investigators say there is no evidence linking the three victims or any indication they knew one another. Anyone with information is asked to call the Baton Rouge Serial Killer Task Force hot line at 866 389-3310.




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