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Men in van crash die after mob attack

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- Chicago police are looking into an accident on the city's South Side that left two men dead after they were dragged out of their crashed van and beaten by a mob.

Police say the driver lost control of his van and struck the front porch of a home on Tuesday evening. Three women on the porch were injured, according to Pat Camden, deputy director of news affairs for the police department.

"It appears after that, there was a group of individuals that pulled the passenger and the driver out of the vehicle and began beating them about the head with a large brick and sticks and stones," Camden said. "The investigation is ongoing."

The driver of the van was identified as a 62-year-old man, and his passenger was identified as being 50. Both died at a hospital.

Their names are being withheld until notification of next of kin, and police are waiting for the results of autopsies to determine the causes of death.




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