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600 grenades land man in jail

From Maria Fleet

ELBERTON, Georgia (CNN) -- One day after federal agents found 600 hand grenades in his northeast Georgia home, a man was taken into custody Friday.

The grenades, though unassembled, are illegal to possess without a federal license.

Reached at his home prior to his detention, Greg Giannoni offered several explanations for having the grenades.

He said he'd bought them "legally over the course of time," and intended to sell them as novelty items, such as paperweights.

At another point, he said he bought them some time ago and was trying to dispose of them legally through government connections.

Jack Killorin, special agent in charge of the investigation for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which raided Giannoni's home Thursday, said the unassembled grenades were packaged individually in what he described as "extraordinarily complete kits for assembling a bomb."

Giannoni is being charged with possession of an illegal destructive device, and will be arraigned Monday before a U.S. magistrate.

Giannoni has a license to make ammunition for small arms and claims to hold a patent to make a type of bullet.

He owns a company called G. Bullets, and intends to sell the bullets on his Web site, he said.

Elberton is about 90 miles east-northeast of Atlanta.




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