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FBI returns to search Ricci's home

Second handyman held in probe

Utah teen-ager Elizabeth Smart has been missing since June 5.
Utah teen-ager Elizabeth Smart has been missing since June 5.  

KEARNS, Utah (CNN) -- The FBI returned Tuesday to the mobile home of Richard Ricci -- the handyman who once worked in the home of missing 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart -- and searched the property for more than two hours, authorities said.

A law enforcement source told CNN the agents were simply going over the property "one more time" to see if there was anything they might have missed in previous searches.

The agents arrived at the property around 9 a.m. (11 a.m. ET) and searched the mobile home and a shed. The investigators were there for more than two hours, and witnesses said they were spotted carrying several bags of material from the home.

Ricci has not been named a suspect in the June 5 disappearance but is a focus of the investigation, the law enforcement source said.

Ricci is now in jail on an unrelated parole violation. His attorney, David Smith, said the arrest was for drinking alcohol, which violated a condition of his parole.

Smith said his client has been cooperative with authorities, undergoing 26 hours of questioning, taking a lie detector test, consenting to searches of his house and vehicles and giving a blood sample.

Images of Elizabeth Smart 
Missing children facts 
 Suspect description
  • White male
  • 30 to 40 years old
  • 5 feet 8 inches tall to 5 feet 10
  • Medium build
  • Dark hair
  • Dark hair on arms and backs of hands

    Source: Salt Lake City police

  • Elizabeth Smart
    Web site:

    Tip lines: 800-932-0190 or

    Authorities said another ex-convict who worked on homes in the Federal Heights neighborhood where the Smarts live was taken into custody for parole violations and questioned about his relationship with Ricci.

    Douglas Rex Young -- a handyman who once served time for an armed bank robbery in the 1980s -- was arrested Monday by U.S. marshals and turned over to investigators in Salt Lake City, said Mike Wingert, a senior criminal investigator with the U.S. Marshals Service.

    He said Young and Ricci met in prison over the years and "maintained at least some contact outside the walls of the prison."

    "My understanding is they hung out," he said.

    Wingert said investigators working on the Smart case indicated last week "a desire to talk to this guy." He said Young was not a suspect in the case but was wanted for questioning as a potential material witness.

    Young was arrested after he showed up at a prison in Gunnison, Utah, to visit an inmate there. "Apparently, he wasn't expecting the warrant because he walked right in there," Wingert said.

    As the investigation pressed on, the girl's parents Tuesday thanked friends and citizens for their help in the search for their daughter and urged residents of Salt Lake City to be extra-vigilant over the Fourth of July.

    "Keep your eyes open for her," father Ed Smart said in an appearance before reporters. "We still feel as strongly as ever that Elizabeth is out there, that she is still waiting for us to find her."

    Lois Smart said, "We will not give up until you are home with us."

    The fact so many people were supporting the family was "very uplifting," Ed Smart said.

    Richard Ricci's home in Kearns, Utah.
    Richard Ricci's home in Kearns, Utah.  

    Ricci's wife, meanwhile, said Monday that Ricci was home in bed with her the night Elizabeth was abducted from her home about 25 miles away, and insisted she would have heard him if he had left in the middle of the night.

    Angela Ricci, who spoke on "Larry King Live" Monday night, also said her husband lost his only son in an auto accident caused by a drunken driver in the mid-1980s and would not have harmed a child.

    Investigators were working on a number of theories about why the kidnapping occurred, including that it was a botched burglary, a sex crime or a kidnapping for ransom. The law enforcement source said police and FBI agents were "keeping an open mind."




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