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Five injured in blast at drug plant

GROTON, Connecticut (CNN) -- Five employees were injured by an explosion Tuesday morning at a warehouse on the research campus of the drug manufacturer Pfizer Inc., a company spokesman said.

Three of the injured were hospitalized and the other two were treated at the site.

Pfizer spokesman Steve Lederer said the cause of the blast was under investigation.

He said it occurred in a small warehouse next to the "pilot plant," a facility where medicine used in clinical trials is manufactured. The warehouse stores chemicals.

Pfizer is one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, among them the impotence drug Viagra and cholesterol inhibitor Lipitor.

A dispatcher with the Groton Police Department said the explosion, reported at around 8 a.m. ET, resulted in a fire. The immediate area around the blast site was briefly evacuated.

Firefighters poured water over the low-level building with a metal roof, parts of it twisted. Windows on nearby buildings in the complex were blown out.

"There was an explosion in a storage building, and I'm told the roof was opened up like a tin can. But the fire is out and cleanup has begun," a town dispatcher told Reuters news service.




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