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Police reveal clue in Utah kidnapping

Detective Dwayne Baird says Elizabeth Smart's  kidnapper wore a cap like the white one he is holding. He used the tan hat to show what color the cap was.
Detective Dwayne Baird says Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper wore a cap like the white one he is holding. He used the tan hat to show what color the cap was.  

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (CNN) -- Police on Saturday displayed for the news media a cap they said was similar to one worn by the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.

Smart's sister, Mary Catherine, has told police she witnessed a man wearing a tan golf-style cap enter their bedroom before dawn on June 5 and abduct the 14-year-old.

"This is not a vague clue," said Detective Dwayne Baird of the Salt Lake City Police Department. "It's an identifying piece of this puzzle and if someone knows someone who was up in this area dressed like this with that kind of a cap, it would be beneficial for us to know who they are and what business they had up here."

Police continue to search for Bret Michael Edmunds, 26, a drifter who is wanted for questioning, Baird said. He is not considered a suspect.

Investigators were dealt a setback Friday when the man fitting the description of Edmunds turned out to be someone else, police said.

Littlefield, Texas, authorities had been seeking Edmunds when they took a man into custody Friday evening on suspicion of shoplifting clothes from a department store.

 Wanted for questioning
Bret Michael Edmunds,
white male, age 26,
235 pounds, brown eyes.
Considered "dangerous" by police but not a suspect.

Elizabeth Smart
Web site:

Tip lines: 800-932-0190 or

Images of Elizabeth Smart 
CNN's Jeanne Meserve reports there is little optimism among investigators trying to learn who abducted 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart (June 17)

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"We did not get who we were looking for, but we did get a bad guy," said Cheryl Jones, a spokeswoman for the Lamb County Sheriff's Office.

The two men looked similar, Jones said, but a fingerprint check showed the man was not Edmunds.

Salt Lake City Police Capt. Scott Atkinson said police last saw Edmunds Sunday at a Liberty Park prayer vigil for the missing teenager.

"It was determined that we would not approach him at that time for safety reasons," Atkinson said. "When he left he was followed, and he fled and we did not pursue him."

Edmunds was spotted in the Smarts' Federal Heights neighborhood in the days before she disappeared. Elizabeth Smart is 5-feet-6, 108 pounds, with blonde hair.

The response to the girl's disappearance has been overwhelming, with more than 8,000 volunteers joining the search through some 4,000 square miles. Police also continued to solicit tips on a special hot line phone number.

"We're still getting lots of leads, lots of calls," Baird said. "I talked to our dispatch center earlier today and they were still handling calls at a pretty good volume ... not just locally but from all over the country."




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