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Air Force training jet crashes; pilot ejects

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Arizona (CNN) -- An F-16 Fighting Falcon Air Force training jet crashed in southern Arizona on Wednesday, according to a spokesman at Luke Air Force Base. The pilot ejected safely.

"One person was on board," said spokesman Lt. Jeff Clark. "The pilot, Maj. David Walker, ejected safely and was airlifted to Davis-Monthan AFB by the 308th Air Rescue Squadron."

Walker was treated and is reported in good condition, Clark said, and returned to Luke Air Force Base overnight.

The F-16 comes in two-seater and single-seater models, Clark said, nothing this aircraft may have been either. Walker was on a "basic fighter maneuver training mission" when the F-16 crashed, according to Clark.

Luke is the only active F-16 training base in the U.S. military, Clark said, with about 175 sorties sent out each day. The crash site was in the Barry M. Goldwater Training Range, a pilot proving ground millions of square acres in size, Clark said.

The crash occurred about 5:05 p.m. (8:05 p.m. EDT), Clark said. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Web site reported clear skies and low winds on the base about the time of the crash.




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