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Next question: Why was Levy in park?

Ramsey says another Condit interview possible

D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey
D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Declaring there are no suspects in the homicide investigation of Chandra Levy, Washington, D.C., Police Chief Charles Ramsey said Wednesday that detectives would interview her acquaintances to learn why she might have been in the park where her remains were found last week.

Ramsey said "many people" would be interviewed, possibly Rep. Gary Condit, a California Democrat, as well. Levy's family and police sources have described the relationship between Condit and Levy as romantic; Condit has only publicly acknowledged a friendship.

"He's one of several people that knew Chandra Levy very, very well," Ramsey said in an interview with CNN. "We're looking now to see who we need to re-interview in light of having discovered the body. He may very well be among those. We haven't made a final determination yet."

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It's unclear why Levy was in Rock Creek Park, Ramsey said, adding it's possible she was meeting someone or simply out on her own.

"There are a lot of outstanding questions," he said.

Ramsey said detectives would probably talk to a man now in prison for assaulting two women in the park last summer. One of those assaults came about two weeks after Levy was last seen on April 30, 2001.

Asked about the man, Ingmar Guandique, Ramsey responded, "We interviewed him about six months ago, and there's probably going to be a need to re-interview him again just to get more clarity."

'Every father's daughter'

Levy, 24, was remembered as "every father's daughter" at a memorial service Tuesday in her hometown of Modesto, California. That service, attended by more than 1,000 people, followed the announcement by the District of Columbia medical examiner that her death was officially classified as a homicide.

Her remains were found one week ago by a man walking his dog in a remote area of the park. Police searched the park last July, but they missed that spot.

"Obviously, we wished we found the body earlier, but we didn't," Ramsey said. "Critics can be critics, and I guess they've got something to be critical about."

While Jonathan Arden, the medical examiner, ruled that Levy had in fact been killed at the hands of "another person," he said he could not tell how she was slain, and that the method might never be known.

Ramsey said it wasn't certain that Levy was killed in the spot where her remains were found, but he suspected her body had been in the park for a while.

"It is a possibility that she was killed elsewhere, but our feeling is that her body's been in Rock Creek Park for a long period of time," Ramsey said.

Attorney: Condit would welcome interview

Tuesday night, an attorney representing Condit said the lawmaker would welcome another police interview regarding Levy, and added that he would likely advise his client to submit to a lie detector test, if requested.

"I don't see any reason in the world not to cooperate at this point, because I think this is going to exonerate him. And that's what he's looking for," Condit attorney Mark Geragos told CNN's Larry King Live.

Police are searching for Chandra Levy's ring, given to her by her parents. It's a pinkie ring with her initials on the front.
Police are searching for Chandra Levy's ring, given to her by her parents. It's a pinkie ring with her initials on the front.  

Asked about the level of cooperation police received from Condit last year, Ramsey said he did not want to talk about specific interviews.

"Suffice it to say it took a few interviews, but we did get the information we felt was important at the time," Ramsey said. Condit was interviewed by police four times last year.

Ramsey added, "I don't believe the congressman, like most of the people we're talking to now, has any reason really to try to withhold anything, so we're going to go into this with the attitude that we'll get full cooperation until we're proven wrong."

Police also released a photograph of a pinkie ring belonging to Levy. The ring has not been recovered, and police want people to know what it looks like in case they come across it in the park.

The 14-karat gold ring has the initials "CL" and two diamonds.




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