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Attorney: Condit would welcome police interview


LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- An attorney representing Rep. Gary Condit said Tuesday the California Democrat would welcome another police interview regarding Chandra Levy, and added that he would likely advise his client to submit to a lie-detector test if requested.

"I don't see any reason in the world not to cooperate at this point, because I think this is going to exonerate him. And that's what he's looking for," Condit attorney Mark Geragos told CNN's Larry King Live.

Condit met last year with investigators after Levy disappeared. It was in those interviews Condit acknowledged an affair with the 24-year-old Levy, police investigators have said. He has refused to say publicly whether he had an affair.

Levy's remains were found last week in a park in Washington, D.C., and police Tuesday launched a homicide investigation. A police source close to the investigation said there is evidence that Levy's hands were bound. Other sources have said a college sweatshirt, sneakers and a Walkman were recovered from the scene.

Asked if Condit expected to be interviewed again, Geragos said, "We would welcome it actually."

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Referring to the remote area of the park where Levy was found, Geragos said, "I believe now that that points to a stranger and that it was a predator in that park. I think that that's what is ultimately going to be the resolution to this."

Would Condit be willing to submit to a lie-detector test?

"I would talk to him about it. I haven't yet," Geragos said. "But if [investigators] thought that that was going to help, I think I would give some advice that would say, 'Cooperate.'"

D.C. Metropolitan Police spokesman Larry O'Leary said investigators were considering all possibilities.

"It's an open homicide investigation at this point and nothing's been ruled out," he said.

Earlier Tuesday, Police Chief Charles Ramsey -- asked if investigators would talk again with Condit -- said, "We'll interview anyone we feel can shed new light on this case."

Billy Martin, an attorney representing the Levy family, said he hoped Condit could help investigators.

"We think that Congressman Condit, as a result of his relationship with Chandra, knows something about Chandra, her state of mind, how she was feeling, what she may have been doing just prior to her disappearance," Martin said. "We'd love to talk to Congressman Condit."




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