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Chandra Levy's remains found

Chandra Levy
Chandra Levy  


More than a year after former federal intern Chandra Levy disappeared without a trace, a man discovered her skeletal remains Wednesday morning while walking his dog and looking for turtles in a Washington park. Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey announced later that evening that the remains were identified through dental records. Levy was last seen April 20, 2001.


Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey said Wednesday that the Levy case had shifted from a missing person case to a death investigation after the skeletal remains found in Rock Creek Park were identified as those of Levy's. Ramsey said the medical examiner's probe into the "manner and cause of death" was still pending.

The office of Rep. Gary Condit, D-California, who was the subject of intense police scrutiny because of his relationship with Levy, issued a statement after her remains were identified. "Congressman Gary Condit and family want to express their heartfelt sorrow and condolences to the Levy family. The Levy family will remain in our prayers."

A source close to Condit said the congressman was "genuinely sad" about Levy's death, but was frustrated with the police's handling of the case. "The D.C. police handled it so poorly. They were so focused on him they ignored reasonable leads," the source said.

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    Levy family attorney Billy Martin said Wednesday that the discovery of her body "brings some resolution to this ordeal" for her family, but he said it does not solve the mystery. Martin said the family would continue to go forward with its investigation and to work with authorities. He said the family expected the case would shift to a homicide investigation.


    How did Chandra Levy die?

    What physical evidence did investigators find in Rock Creek Park?

    What will forensic tests reveal about her death?

    Why wasn't Levy found when investigators searched the park last summer?

    Where will the investigation go now that Levy's remains have been discovered?

    WHO'S WHO:

    Chandra Levy: Former intern with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, who was last seen alive on April 30, 2001. The case attracted national attention because of her relationship with Rep. Gary Condit. Her skeletal remains were discovered in a Washington park on May 22, 2002.

    Rep. Gary Condit: Democratic congressman, whose district includes Levy's hometown of Modesto, California. Police sources have said he told them he had an affair with the then-24-year-old, but he has never acknowledged the relationship and said they were close friends. The 53-year-old married grandfather denied any involvement with Levy's disappearance.

    Robert and Susan Levy: Chandra Levy's parents. The Levys have been extremely critical of Condit and said they don't think he has told investigators everything he knows about the case.

    Billy Martin: Levy family attorney

    George Arata: Levy family friend and attorney

    Judy Smith: Levy family spokeswoman


    The Chandra Levy case captivated the American public in the summer before the September 11 attacks. Condit was never named as a suspect in the case, but the fallout damaged his political career. Condit was defeated by State Assemblyman Dennis Cardoza in the Democratic Primary.




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