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Bobbitt arrested on domestic violence charge

Johh Wayne Bobbitt in this 1993 file photo.  

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) -- John Wayne Bobbitt, whose 1993 maiming at the hands of his then-wife made him famous, was arrested Monday night on battery domestic violence charges.

Bobbitt gained notoriety as a victim of a domestic attack in which his penis was cut off. He was transported to the Las Vegas City Jail after police responded to a 911 call from a woman staying at his home.

"The reporting party was a woman who called us and then was disconnected," Sgt. Christopher Darcy of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told CNN.

"We called back and determined a domestic disturbance was under way. The woman indicated she had been thrown to the ground and sustained a broken tail bone and finger," he said.

Bobbitt was arrested at his home around 10 p.m. and then transported to the jail. The female victim was transported to Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas for treatment.

Bobbitt, a former Marine, married Joanna Ferrell last March on his 35th birthday in Las Vegas. Police would not say whether the woman involved in the dispute was his wife.

Bobbitt was thrown into the national spotlight in 1993 when his then-wife, Lorena Bobbitt, severed his penis while he slept with an eight-inch carving knife. Lorena Bobbitt then drove away, tossing the penis out her car window. A search ensued to locate the missing member, which eventually was found and surgically reattached.

The incident led to a trial where Lorena Bobbitt was found innocent by reason of insanity. During her testimony, she tearfully described her life at the hands of her abusive husband.

In a separate trial, Bobbitt was acquitted of sexually assaulting his wife. After successful surgery to reattach his penis, Bobbitt made appearances on "The Howard Stern Show" and has made a number of adult films.

In 1997, Bobbitt moved to Nevada, where he has worked in a brothel and as a bartender and tow truck operator.




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