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New pipe bombs found in Indiana

Authorities say no link to weekend spree

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (CNN) -- Pipe bombs found in mailboxes in eastern Indiana do not appear to be connected to pipe bombs planted in five other states over the weekend, federal authorities said Wednesday.

The "pipe bomb-like" devices were found in "several mailboxes" in the area of Cambridge City and Hagerstown, Reilley said.

Feds: Suspect admitted pipe bomb spree 

One of them exploded and another may have malfunctioned or only partially detonated, causing property damage, said FBI Special Agent Robert Reilley.

One of the bombs was apparently ignited, but did not explode, Tuesday night around 10:30 p.m. Residents nearby heard a noise and saw a car leaving the scene.

About a half-hour later, a similar device exploded in a mailbox about eight miles away, Reilley said.

Both incidents were reported to law enforcement Wednesday morning.

"These devices are unlike those located earlier in other areas of the country and these incidents do not appear to be connected to the arrest of Lucas John Helder," Reilley said.

Helder, who was arrested Tuesday, has admitted planting 18 pipe bombs found in five states over the weekend, according to federal prosecutors.

Authorities said the bombs were rigged to explode when the mailbox door was opened. They were also accompanied by letters.

Reilley said an initial investigation showed the pipe bombs found in Indiana were manually activated and not triggered by opening the mailboxes, and no letters were left.




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