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Suspicious passengers disrupt flight

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Several passengers were held for acting suspiciously during an US Airways flight Sunday night that was diverted back to Philadelphia, the FBI said. They were later released without being charged.

One man on the plane described the passengers in question as "fidgety," and another added that authorities said they had aroused suspicions by purchasing one-way tickets with cash.

FBI spokeswoman Linda Vizi gave few details about the incident. She told CNN Monday that the plane, which was bound for Orlando, was sent back to Philadelphia after a sky marshal reported that the passengers were engaged in some unspecified "suspicious activity."

After the plane landed, some passengers were taken off and questioned by local police and FBI. Vizi would not say how many passengers were involved, nor describe the type of activity.

Vizi said the passengers were cooperative and their identities checked out.

"Everything was in order," she said.

A bomb-sniffing dog checked out the plane, and no explosives were found.

Passenger Glenn Mattes said the pilot announced the plane was returning to Philadelphia "for security reasons" about a half hour into the flight.

Upon landing, Mattes said, the plane taxied to a remote area of the airport.

"We sat there for about an hour until the federal agents came," he said. "Then they escorted five or six gentleman off the plane who, they told us, bought in very suspicious, typical fashion, one-way cash tickets that were bought just today."

Jack Clark, another passenger, said one of the men "kept talking down into his chest," changed seats and acted "fidgety."

"It was kind of weird what was going on," Clark said.




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