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Mariane Pearl wants justice but says revenge not answer

Mariane Pearl said her husband's killers were
Mariane Pearl said her husband's killers were "a murky network of terrorists."  

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The widow of slain American journalist Daniel Pearl warned against seeking revenge for acts of terrorism, including the kidnapping and killing of her husband just a few months ago.

"Revenge is just going to bring us to a dead end," Mariane Pearl said Tuesday on CNN's Larry King Live. However, she said she still wants "justice to be done."

Daniel Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped January 23 and killed by his captors, claiming in e-mails to be members of a group called "The National Movement for Pakistani Sovereignty." Mariane Pearl said the kidnappers were "a murky network of terrorists."

Daniel Pearl's widow, Mariane, appears on CNN's Larry King Live

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When asked if she thought her husband was targeted because he was Jewish, Pearl said her husband's captors had to make him into a "symbol of something."

"It doesn't make any sense to me ... first of all he was a journalist, the journalist became a spy, then he became a symbol of being an American," she said. "They used anything that they could think for their hatred goal."

Pearl, who is pregnant, said she wants the couple's son to know his father as a man always seeking the truth.

"I want to convey to him his sense of ... how genuinely he went to different people and ... expand(ed) the limits of his tolerance, of his knowledge of other people," she said.

Though the United States has indicted Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh for involvement in the crime, others are suspected of being involved. Police traced e-mailed photographs of the captured Pearl to Saeed Sheik's computer.

U.S. officials have said they would like to extradite Saeed Sheikh from Pakistan to stand trial in the United States. He has been indicted by a federal grand jury in New Jersey, charged with one count of hostage-taking resulting in Pearl's death and one count of conspiracy to commit hostage-taking resulting in Pearl's death.

But Pakistan has said it plans to try him there.

If convicted in the United States, Saeed Sheikh could face the death penalty.

Pearl said her husband's killers have not achieved their goal to "perpetrate fear, paralyze."

"It didn't work, it didn't work on Danny," she said. "That's where I get my strength... I am suffering ... but I would not let them win."




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