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Police search for missing Oregon girls

Miranda Gaddis, left, and Ashley Pond
Miranda Gaddis, left, and Ashley Pond  

OREGON CITY, Oregon (CNN) -- The mother of one of two 13-year-old girls missing from an Oregon City apartment complex said her daughter's disappearance is "really starting to hit home" as the days go by without word of her.

Miranda Gaddis disappeared last Friday, apparently on her way to school.

Her mother, Michelle Duffey, said she went to work on Friday as Miranda was getting ready for school -- and that was the last time she saw her daughter.

"She was excited about her dance competition the next day and was telling me stuff she was going to do after school," Duffey said.

Miranda disappeared almost two months after Ashley Pond disappeared while she was walking to school. The two girls attended the same middle school and were on the dance team together. Authorities believe the two cases are related.

"I think all the investigators have concluded that we are dealing with abductions here," FBI agent Charles Mathews said.

Ashley was last seen walking outside her apartment on the morning of January 9, on her way to school. She was 12 years old when she disappeared.

"I don't think either of them would have gotten in a car with someone she didn't know. Miranda was pretty wild and liked fighting and wrestling and I don't think she would have gotten into a car with someone she didn't know," Duffey said. "I'm really worried that that is what happened."

Dozens of law enforcement officers searched a wooded area near the apartment complex over the weekend, but found no evidence of a crime.

They also found nothing to suggest the girls ran away. Neither girl took clothes or other personal effects with them. No one has heard from them since their disappearances.

Duffey said Miranda is a very "bubbly and outgoing" girl who likes to talk to people.

"(Miranda) can't sit quiet for very long, so she'd be talking to somebody," Duffey said.

Miranda used the Internet the night before she disappeared and Duffey said investigators took the two computers she used to see if they could provide any clues. One of the computers was Duffey's, the other belonged to Miranda's dance coach.

"They just told me that they've found a lot of people that she chatted with and that they were checking into all of them. I'm not sure who they were," Duffey said.

CNN Correspondent James Hattori and Producer Susan Richter contributed to this report.


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