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Last 2 Texas escapees in custody

ARDMORE, Oklahoma (CNN) -- The last two of four fugitives who escaped a Texas jail last month were in police custody in Oklahoma early Thursday after a six-hour hostage standoff at a convenience store in Ardmore, law enforcement officials said.

The two suspects, Curtis Gambill, 24, and Joshua Bagwell, 23, surrendered peacefully about 4:30 a.m., and their hostage was released unharmed. The hostage, George West, 65, told CNN he would reopen his store Thursday morning.

FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson said the other two escapees were arrested outside the convenience store Wednesday night after the FBI received a tip that one of them had been seen using a pay phone at the site.

"An FBI agent and a Carter County deputy went to the scene," Johnson said. "As they were driving up they noticed at a pay phone one of the fugitives -- (Charles) Jordan. They immediately arrested him without incident."

The agent and the deputy searched the area and found a second fugitive -- Chrystal Gale Soto -- behind the store and arrested her, also without incident.

"The other two saw what was going on and grabbed the hostage, the store owner who was the only person in the store at the time, and held him at gunpoint," Johnson said.

Johnson said negotiations with the FBI began about 10 p.m. and talks "started out positive and stayed positive throughout the night." At 4 a.m., Bagwell and Gambill agreed to surrender and walked out of the store a half hour later.

All four are being held at the Carter County jail.

FBI Special Agent in charge Richard Marquise said the fugitives "were living in the woods since their escape last month."

Ardmore is in southern Oklahoma about halfway between Oklahoma City and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The four fugitives escaped from the Montague County, Texas, jail the night of January 28. They overpowered two guards and stole one guard's car, officials said.

Gambill and Bagwell are Oklahoma natives, and Soto, 22, and Charles Jordan, 30, are from Texas.

Gambill and Bagwell, who were serving life sentences for the 1996 murder of a 16-year-old cheerleader in Oklahoma, were convicted in Texas because her body was dumped there. They had been transferred to the county jail from a state prison on a bench warrant for other charges related to that crime.

Soto and Jordan were awaiting trial in the November deaths of an elderly Texas couple.




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