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Two detainees in Cuba treated for malaria

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. military officials at Guantanamo Bay are treating two detainees for malaria but said that none of the detainees has contracted tuberculosis.

An initial chest X-ray of four detainees showed some indications of TB, but further testing indicated they were not ill, officials said.

An additional detainee underwent surgery Wednesday for an infected wound, the officials said.

A Navy mobile hospital at Camp X-Ray has been completed and is capable of treating 36 patients.

There have been no serious security incidents, officials said.

The disciplinary procedures for detainees begin with verbal commands from security guards, an official said. If that does not work, the detainee is shackled in his cell. If further measures are needed, they are taken to a separate isolated area. The next step is removal of privileges such as recreation time.

A detainee recently spit at a guard and was taken to solitary confinement for one hour, officials said.




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