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John Walker Lindh: The route to courtroom

In his first court appearance since his capture in December, American John Walker Lindh, who fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan, said he understood that he was charged with conspiring to kill Americans. The punishment for the charges could include life in prison.

Here are events that led to his capture and return to the United States to face charges.

November 2000 -- Begins school in Pakistan to study Islam and the Arabic language.

April 26, 2001 -- Last contact with family, who live in California, until his capture.

May 15, 2001 -- Leaves the school to travel to Pakistan's mountains.

Lindh is treated in an Afghan hospital after being found.  

November 25, 2001 -- Captured by anti-Taliban forces. Questioned by CIA agent Johnny "Mike" Spann and another agent at fortress that became the scene of a prison uprising later in the day. Spann is killed in the uprising. Walker Lindh is wounded and takes refuge in a basement.

December 2, 2001-- Found by Northern Alliance fighters and taken into U.S. custody.

December 9-10, 2001 -- Questioned by FBI.

December 14, 2001-- Moved to a U.S. Navy ship off Pakistan.

January 24, 2002-- Under heavy guard, Walker Lindh makes his first court appearance in Alexandria, Virginia.

His hair and beard shaved, Lindh makes his first court appearance.  

February 6, 2001 -- Preliminary hearing scheduled.




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