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Uncertain future: What will 2002 bring?

(CNN) -- Eager as the world may be to put turbulent 2001 behind it, there's plenty that remains unresolved as it ventures into 2002. Osama bin Laden remains at large. The Afghan government must be rebuilt. And the investigation of September 11 goes on.

The United States economy is mired in recession, the anthrax mystery remains unsolved, airport security begs to be beefed up and the travel industry hopes desperately for a better 2002.

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Then there's the advent of the new European currency, along with ongoing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, and India and Pakistan.

Like 2001, the new year is likely to bring profound changes affecting global security, travel, health and technology.

Yet all is not gloom. Look for more big events in the entertainment world, which will bring new movie installments of "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter." Kids, take note: A fifth "Harry Potter" book is on the way.

Will last year's violence give way to a more peaceful 2002? Which diseases will be cured? What will be the next technology breakthrough? Who will have the next big box office smash?

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