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Pop star Moby goes to space camp

Moby's 2002 space odyssey included a visit to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
Moby's 2002 space odyssey included a visit to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  

By Richard Stenger

(CNN) -- Having conquered this planet, Moby is setting his sights on new territory. The techno-pop sensation took time off from his world tour for an impromptu course in astronaut training from NASA.

The bald enigma, who sported a NASA-inspired spacesuit in his new video, "We Are All Made of Stars." jumped at the chance to poke around the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, this month.

Moby, describing the trip in a Web log on his Internet site, demonstrates a natural appreciation for the paradoxically super-cool and super-geeky world of space exploration.

"I saw the world's largest swimming pool [where they do quasi-weightlessness experiments]," he gushed at "I saw a new type of plasma propulsion system. I walked around a land-based prototype of the international space station."

Moreover, he flew the space shuttle simulator and landed twice, checked out mission control and met "some sophisticated robots."

Moby still has an appreciation for biological life forms. A vegetarian, he sampled vegan (meaning no animal products) space food at the Houston center.

He remembered his visit fondly.

Check out Moby's 'We are all Made of Stars' 

"NASA is an utterly fascinating place, and the fact that the buildings look so anonymous almost make it more fascinating," he wrote. "You walk by a generic office-park-looking building, and you have no idea what's going on inside.

"It might be people doing administrative work, or it might be people figuring out ways in which humans can go to Mars."

A longtime space enthusiast, Moby was unfailingly polite about NASA's hospitality.

"Let me say thanks to the people who showed me around NASA, and to the people who were kind and gracious enough to stop what they were doing and explain their work to me," he said.

Moby took a stroll through a second mission control, just for the international space station. But no word yet on whether he will sign up for a $20 million ride with a Russian crew to the orbiting outpost.



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