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PC-powered mozzie-buster gets upgrade

PC-powered mozzie-buster gets upgrade

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A Thai computer programmer behind a wildly popular anti-mosquito software package has upgraded his program to also repel cockroaches and rats, the English language Nation newspaper reports.

According to the daily, the original free download proved so popular with Thai and overseas Net surfers that developer Saranyou Punyaratanabunbhu decided to upgrade his software to target other pests.

The original program, "Anti-mosquitoes." had more than 50,000 downloads in the first three days of its posting on the Web site.

The upgraded version, called Anti-Mal 2.0, has been downloaded more than 20,000 times.

The Nation 

"It took me about a month to study the behavior of rats and cockroaches and another week to develop the program. It's more of an upgrade than a new program," the Nation quoted him as saying.

The software generates sound waves through the computer's speakers to repel pests, but because of the limitations of most computer speakers users have to chose which creature they wish to repel.

Users can also fine-tune the frequency to find the specific setting that works best for their environment.

According to the site, it works best up to two meters from the computer, enabling computer-users to work undisturbed and free from the threat of malaria which is widespread in Thailand.

Saranyou told the paper the latest version of the pest controller will not annoy dogs or risk causing headaches because the frequencies that annoy rats and cockroaches are undetectable by human or canine ears.

Some users of the mosquito-repelling program have reported headaches after long periods spent in front of a computer emitting the bug-repelling high-pitched whine.




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