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Jack the Ripper: Additional reading

By Adam Dunn
Special to CNN

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(CNN) -- Jack the Ripper has been a one-man cottage industry for authors (not to mention filmmakers) for a century, and obviously shows no signs of obsolescence. An unsolved murder is fair game for conspiracy buffs, and Jack has rallied many to his bloodstained banner.


Here is a partial list of so-called "Ripperology" titles expressing different points of view, or merely providing additional reading to "Portrait of a Killer":

• "The Complete History of Jack the Ripper" by Philip Sugden. Widely praised for its close attention to extant evidence, Sugden's book explores a number of potential candidates, including popular suspect Montague John Druitt (whom Cornwell flatly refutes as a suspect in her book) without conclusively pointing a final accusatory finger.

• "Jack the Ripper A to Z" by Skinner et al. A 1990s look at the list of suspects, including the American Francis Tumblety. Also a good source for Ripper-related Web sites.

• "Jack the Ripper and the London Press" by L. Perry Curtis. An analysis of British periodical coverage of the Whitechapel murders.

• "The Cases That Haunt Us" by Douglas & Olshaker. A veteran FBI looks at Jack and other killers, winnowing out whom he thinks could not be suspects.

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