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Dave Barry on bands, Stephen King and North Dakota

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(CNN) -- During an interview with CNN, Dave Barry talked about his musical activities, the reaction to his humor columns, and Stephen King's future.

  • On playing with the motley crew of authors and musicians called the Rock Bottom Remainders:
  • "The Remainders don't rehearse. We just yell chords at each other."


  • On Stephen King, Barry's Remainders colleague, who has said he's going to end his career in publishing within the next couple years:
  • "He'd talked about that. He still has physical problems and he can't work at the same pace. ... With his interest in other things, I think he'll focus on other kinds of projects. He has nothing to prove, [so he should do] whatever makes him happy."

  • On the publicity his "Talk Like a Pirate Day" column generated, including an item on NPR's "All Things Considered":
  • "It's partly pure coincidence when something hits the public psyche [like that]."

  • On North Dakota, the subject of several Barry columns. The residents of Grand Forks town invited him up and named a sewage lift station for him:
  • "The people are just like [what I wrote]." And what does he think of North Dakota now? "I like it better when I'm away from it."

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