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'American Idol': Conspiracy theory

Shocker! Christina gets booted off 'Idol'

Nikki and RJ, top, remain on 'Idol' while Christina, bottom, got the boot.  

By Jessica Shaw
Entertainment Weekly

(Entertainment Weekly) -- Something is rotten in the state of Hollywood. How gullible do the producers of ''American Idol'' think we really are?

Does anyone really believe the sultry Christina Christian got booted off?

Yeah, right, like she got fewer votes than Nikki or RJ. I don't think so. Sorry.

I have conspiracy theories: Most of them (I'll refrain from specifics for fear of being sued) center around Christina committing some kind of un-''Idol''-like behavior that would have shamed the show. She was going to be kicked out anyway, and the show couldn't lose two contestants in one week, so even though RJ or Nikki actually got the fewest votes, the producers just figured, ''Hey, let's pretend Christina was the loser and that will solve all our problems.''

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Are we really to believe she was ''taken ill'' as that moron Ryan Seacrest told us? How odd that she was looking her most glorious in a robin's egg blue gown, singing her heart out just last night on live TV and all of a sudden she's in the hospital? Whatever.

The truth will come out eventually. The worst part of this whole situation? Now we have to wait two more weeks for both RJ and Nikki to be gone in order for the real competition to begin.

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