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A fan's guide to memorable 'McBeal' moments

A fan's guide to memorable 'McBeal' moments

(CNN) -- "Ally McBeal" creator David E. Kelley says his Emmy award winning show is going off the air in May.

Old episodes are to run in syndication on weeknights at 11 p.m. EDT on FX Networks.

From the dancing baby to Ally's kiss with Ling -- for the most faithful fan, here's a look back at some of the show's highpoints.

Season 1, 1997-'98

  • In the first episode, Ally meets the firm's other founding partner when she defends him on charges of soliciting a prostitute.
  • The show uses animation of a dancing baby as a recurring motif.
  • Elaine files a sexual harassment complaint.
  • Ally and Billy negotiate personal boundaries in their tenuous friendship.
  • Ally and Renee take a sculpture class in which one of the male models' physical attributes prompts Georgia to take up sculpting as well, over Billy's objections.
  • A home test reveals that Georgia is pregnant.
  • Season 2, 1998-'99

  • Ally plays mediator when a minister breaks up with a church chorister.
  • A judge holds Ally in contempt when she disobeys his instructions not to wear short skirts in court.
  • Ling sues an employee for having sexual thoughts about her.
  • Ally goes to court with her fingers stuck in a bowling ball.
  • Cage's frog Stephen, given up for dead, reappears.
  • Cage and Fish go undercover at Ling's mud wrestling club.
  • Billy and Ally deal with the repercussions of their kiss -- in the office.
  • Fish tries to break up with Ling.
  • Elaine's "Face Bra" infomercial debuts.
  • John and Nelle go on their first date.
  • Fish finally gets Ling into bed.
  • Ally's Al Green hallucinations get out of control.
  • Season 3, 1999-'00

    Fox ends 'Ally McBeal' run 

  • Ally has sex with a hunky stranger at a car wash.
  • John loses touch with his inner Barry White.
  • Ling kisses Ally.
  • Ling and Richard break up.
  • Georgia leaves the firm, and Billy.
  • Billy and Georgia try to reconcile.
  • Elaine tries to adopt an abandoned baby.
  • Billy dumps the "Billy girls."
  • Ally's haunted by special guest Gloria Gaynor.
  • Season 4, 2000-'01

  • Ally wonders why she and Larry (played by Robert Downey Jr.) haven't had sex yet.
  • Elaine is sued for sexual harassment.
  • John meets his match in a new client suffering Tourette's syndrome (special guest Anne Heche).
  • Valentine's Day brings a marriage proposal, a hot new associate and Barry Manilow.
  • Ally discovers that Elaine is cheating on Mark.
  • Ling has Ally-like hallucinations.
  • Season 5, 2001-'02

  • Ling is appointed as a small-claims court judge and is offered her own TV court show.
  • Following Richard's advice, John tells Ally that he loves her. Ally says she can't love him back.
  • Ally and Glenn admit their attraction to each other but don't get together because they're afraid of hurting Jenny.
  • Elton John performs at the bar.
  • Ling does a seminude photo shoot for a magazine.
  • Ally stoops to a childhood tactic to befriend a new man (recurring guest star Jon Bon Jovi).
  • Ally finds out that she has a 10-year-old daughter, Maddie, from an egg donation she made years earlier.




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