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Star couple stats for summer

Hot couples or not couples?

Jackson, Timberlake
Janet Jackson, left, and Justin Timberlake were spotted together at a club in Miami on July 5.  

(PEOPLE) -- Who's a twosome and who may be toast this summer?

Okay, Julia Roberts has finally gone and done it, marrying cameraman Danny Moder. That frees up celebrity watchers to try to make sense of the rest of Hollywood's exasperatingly elusive relationships. Are Harrison and Calista still clicking? Angelina and Billy Bob?

And Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync -- what's that about? When the pair showed up for dinner at Miami's Nobu July 8, "We were like, 'No way,' " says a staffer at the restaurant. "Those two? They're an unlikely pairing." But does that mean the singers are soulmates? Ships that passed in the night? Or did one ship make a pass at the other?

Here's a scorecard:

Harrison Ford, 60, and Calista Flockhart, 37

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Why they still might be: a) Seven months after they met at the Golden Globes, she was smiling beside him lovingly at the Los Angeles premiere of "K-19: The Widowmaker" July 15. b) She took him to brunch to celebrate his birthday. c) Reps say yep, they're a couple.

Why they might not be: a) A dearth of sightings in June. b) He's not yet divorced from his wife of 18 years, ET screenwriter Melissa Mathison, 52.

Verdict: Still looks like the McReal thing

Justin Timberlake, 21, and Janet Jackson, 36

Why they might be: a) Reportedly spotted making out at Missy Elliott's 31st-birthday bash at a Miami club July 5. b) Dined together July 8. c) Reps don't deny romance.

Why they might not be: a) Reps don't confirm romance. b) Staffers at the club didn't see them together, lip-locked or no.

Verdict: Justin time for Janet

Angelina Jolie, 27, and Billy Bob Thornton, 46

Why they might still be: a) They're "very much married" after two years, say reps. b) Still have his-and-hers tattoos. "We wondered if they'd come to have them removed," says tattoo artist Paul Timman, who did Billy Bob's. They haven't.

Why they might not be: a) Not seen together publicly since the Golden Globes January 20. b) Staying in separate L.A. hotels, she with adopted baby Maddox.

Verdict: They may not know, either.

Update: Jolie filed for divorce from Thornton on July 17.

Ben Affleck, 29, and Jennifer Lopez, 33

Affleck, Lopez
Ben Affleck, left, appeared at the opening of Jennifer Lopez's new Pasadena, California restaurant in April.  

Why they might be: a) After shooting the upcoming "Gigli" together, he took out a Variety ad praising her "beauty and courage." b) The pair reportedly were seen recently in a Manhattan market. c) Sources say where there's smoke, there's J. Lo.

Why they might not be: a) "They're acquaintances working together," says a friend. b) Lopez, split from dancer Cris Judd, has also recently been linked to Ralph Fiennes and ex-beau P. Diddy.

Verdict: Object of Afflecktion

Leonardo DiCaprio, 27, and Gisele Bundchen, 22

Why they still might be: Moot point (see below).

Why they're not: After dating two years, the actor and the Brazilian model "broke up a few months ago," says her spokeswoman. "But they're best friends."

Verdict: Leo now free-o

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