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Singer Lovett recovering from run-in with bull

Lovett has won three Grammy Awards and acted in several movies.  

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- Grammy-winning singer Lyle Lovett was "resting comfortably" in a Houston hospital Thursday, one day after a rampaging bull crushed his leg.

Lovett, 44, was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital on Wednesday after being trampled by a bull at a family ranch near Houston.

"His uncle was trying to handle a bull and the bull got loose," hospital spokesman Mark Ayers said Thursday. "(Lovett) went over to assist him and that's when the bull stepped on him."

Surgeons spent three hours Wednesday working on Lovett's badly broken right leg -- a "pretty complex fracture," according to Ayers.

"It's a bad injury," Dr. Kevin Coupe, who performed the surgery, told the Houston Chronicle. Twenty pieces of bone were broken in his leg, Coupe told the paper. Lovett may remain in the hospital for three days and a full recovery may take at least six months, he said.

The Chronicle reported that Lovett's uncle, Calvin Klein, was flipped by the bull and suffered chest pain trauma. Klein was taken to Tomball Regional Hospital where all tests were clear, the newspaper said.

Lovett, a native Texan, has won three Grammy Awards and a strong following in more than two decades on the music circuit.

He has also acted in several movies, including "Cookie's Fortune," "Prêt-à-Porter" and "The Player." It was while filming "The Player" that Lovett met actress Julia Roberts, to whom he was married from 1993-95. His albums include "Joshua Judges Ruth," "Pontiac," "Lyle Lovett and His Large Band," and "I Love Everybody."

Lovett's relatives, including his mother, have been with him at the hospital since Wednesday.

"He's pleasant," said Ayers. "He's just Lyle, just a laid-back dude."


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