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Tributes to Johnny Cash

(CNN) -- More than two dozen people pay tribute to Johnny Cash in the liner notes of his new release, "The Essential Johnny Cash." Here is a sampling.

Johnny Cash transcends all musical boundaries, and is one of the original outlaws.

-- Willie Nelson

Johnny Cash has always been larger than life.

-- Kris Kristofferson

Johnny Cash's 70th birthday 

Locusts and honey ... not since John The Baptist has there been a voice like that crying in the wilderness. ... Every man knows he is a sissy compared to Johnny Cash.

-- Bono

John Cash is an American original, uncompromised in his craft and incomparable in its execution. He makes you feel that he is playing solely to reach the best part of your spirit.

-- John Mellencamp

When Johnny Cash comes on the radio, no one changes the station.

-- Tom Waits

His ability to take a song and make it his own is just uncanny. I heard him sing my song "I Won't Back Down," and I just thought, God, he must have written that, because it never rang so true to me as when I heard him sing it.

-- Tom Petty

There's nobody remotely like him.

-- Elvis Costello

God is not making any more.

-- Nick Lowe

Johnny Cash is the Mount Rushmore of music.

-- Raul Malo

It is hard to believe Johnny Cash and I have reached 70! When I think of all the miles and roads we traveled I would never have imagined forty years ago we would still be around and doing what we love ... singing Country Music. Our friendship has weathered many storms and so have we. My very best wishes to you on your big day ... and many more.

Love you Big Buddy! From Little Pal, George Jones

P.S. We don't need no rockin' chair!!!




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