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Kermit talks Hollywood star, Muppet movie, Macy's balloon

Kermit is scheduled to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.

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(CNN) -- A famous amphibian is getting the ultimate showbiz honor, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But Kermit the Frog doesn't have an inflated ego, even though he does have a new balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

CNN Anchor Daryn Kagan talked to Kermit Wednesday about his Hollywood star, balloon and upcoming made-for-TV Muppet movie.

DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: You to me sound like the busiest frog in show business, Kermit.

KERMIT THE FROG: Well, you could be right about that. I might be the only frog in show business, I don't know.

KAGAN: Tell me about getting this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What a huge honor for any species!

KERMIT: Well, it's a pretty big deal. I mean, I get to be there with all my friends, you know, like Lassie and Mel Gibson. Odd company, actually, if you think about the two of them together. But, you know, it's the first time in my life I've been near a busy street without being afraid of getting killed.

KAGAN: You also have this new movie coming out ["It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie"]. Tell me about the new movie.

KERMIT: Well, this movie is great; a lot of fun; it's set around Christmas time and it's about all us Muppets trying to save our Muppet theater from being torn down and turned into a terrible nightclub.

And along the way we pay homage, which is kind of a thing you make with eggs and cheese, I think... But we make fun of all the other Christmas movies ever made and we have Joan Cusack, David Arquette and Whoopi Goldberg plays the part of God, actually. Any time you can get Whoopi as God you know you've got your mojo working.

'Kiss me Kermie'

KAGAN: You do have your mojo working. Speaking of mojo -- I want to get right to the real good stuff here, Kermit. I want to know really what the status is of your relationship with Miss Piggy right now. Are you guys doing well? You know, kind of an on-again, off- again thing. What's going on with you guys?

KERMIT: Well, Piggy and I have a very professional relationship. I'm professional and she thinks we have a relationship.

KAGAN: Kermie, just so you know -- Miss Piggy was on Headline News yesterday with Judy Fortin and Judy asked a very interesting question. We're going to listen to that and I want to get your comments so here's Miss Piggy.


KAGAN: OK, listen in.


JUDY FORTIN, CNN: I understand that Kermit gave you a very romantic kiss in this movie and he made the first move. What's that all about?

MISS PIGGY: It's true!

PEPE (MUPPET): It's all done with special effects. They weren't actually in...

MISS PIGGY: We rehearsed day and night for it and...


KAGAN: So, Kermit, how much was going on in the trailer and...

KERMIT: I think I have to stick with Pepe's answer about the special effects. Look, it's just a professional thing -- it was written into the script and I just had to give her a huge kiss. But you'll notice, when you all watch this movie, which I hope you will, they cut away. So they extended the kiss by cutting away to a lot of other people.

KAGAN: I think we have a flustered frog on our hands this morning, Kermit. And I'll tell you, chemistry like that you can't fake even with special effects. It's real.

KERMIT: I know, I know. Look, I just don't -- I just -- you know this is a big, huge international TV show and I have to be very careful what I say, you know?

New balloon

KAGAN: Tell me about the balloon in Macy's Day Parade, coming up. You're bigger than ever -- more hot air than ever.

KERMIT: Yes, well thank you very much for that. No, it's a brand new balloon. And actually, frankly, I haven't seen it yet. But the old one, I seem to have had a puncture in my right elbow or something and I started deflating. It was pretty disgusting. We felt we had to get a new balloon. And I'm also going to be there for the parade. I think you're going to see me actually there as well as my balloon, which is kind of cool.

KAGAN: Going Hollywood on us, Kermit?

KERMIT: No, no. I'm still a pretty simple frog. You know, when I'm not working I go back to the swamp and hang out with the family and stuff like that, you know? I don't live in Hollywood. I mean, I still have my place on Sesame Street. That's in -- on the East Coast.

KAGAN: Kermit, we want to wish you the best with all the projects, with the balloon, with the movie, with the star on the Walk of Fame and with love. Never forget, that's where it all begins and ends, Kermit.

KERMIT: Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself. Hope you get to see the movie, guys; it's on the Friday after Thanksgiving on NBC.

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