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Rachel Roberts: 'Simone'

Simone is played by Canadian model Rachel Roberts.  

By Karen Infantino

(InStyle) -- If Hollywood is the land of illusion, would it be possible for a down-and-out director like Viktor Taransky (Al Pacino) to replace a human actress with one that's been computer generated?

With the help of his software-genius friend Hank Aleno (Elias Koteas), he does just that, "giving birth" to Simulation One ("Simone," played by a computer enhanced Rachel Roberts). And faster than you can say gigabyte, Taransky finds the success he's always craved -- plus, he's got the world's most beloved star under his thumb.

"Everyone is drawn to her," says makeup artist Valli O'Reilly, "men, women, children." This proved challenging for O'Reilly when it came to Roberts's makeup. "She had to look sexy and innocent," she says, to appeal to everyone."


To give Simone the smoky eyes shown here, O'Reilly started with The Tools eye shadow No. 412 applied to the lid and No. 401 used as a highlighter on the brow bone. Nars Duo eye shadow in Pandora (the black color) was used in the outer corner. She used Lanc me Le Crayon Kh l in Black Ebony to line the inside of the eye and Senna eyeliner in Sable on the top lid. O'Reilly applied individual eyelashes in brown after curling Roberts's own lashes with a Shu Uemura eyelash curler and finished the look with a coat of Shu Uemura Basic mascara in brown.


Meet the real 'Simone' 
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O'Reilly tested several looks before choosing the right combination of products that would make Simone appear "human, but not really." She started by prepping the skin with Jurlique Day Care face cream, then applied Make Up For Ever Face and Body foundation No. 3 and a light dusting of Guerlain Les Voilettes loose powder. Blush was a combination of Stila Eye Rouge in Salsa and Shu Uemura's Glow On in Pink 30. Next she brushed a blend of Make Up For Ever Shine On powder in No. 730/1 and No. 730/2 on Simone's cheeks and around the frame of her face. O'Reilly used lip colors from her own Uni line (available at Palmetto in L.A., 877-613-2207 and Beauty Bar in N.Y., 877-535-5477), including Uni Air pencil to line Roberts's lips and Uni Malibu lipstick to fill in the color. She then topped the lips with a mix of two glosses, Uni Venus gloss and Versace 2000 Lights On Lips in No. V2060.


Hairstylist Cydney Cornell and director Andrew Niccol both envisioned Simone's hair as "perfect," says Cornell, "kind of like a Barbie doll." So colorist Jennifer J. from Juan Juan salon in Beverly Hills was called in to add highlights that would make Simone's blond hair even blonder. Cornell applied Bain De Terre Recovery Complex to her dry hair and achieved the straight look by using a flatiron. "As she becomes a phenomenon, people start to imitate her," says Cornell, "and I managed to gradually get all the background people's hair to look more and more like hers as the movie went on."


Costume designer Elisabetta Baraldo relied heavily on vintage pieces to create a look for Simone that was "timeless, old Hollywood," she says, including shirts, capri pants and the outfit shown here (as well as the earrings). Simone's shoes were mostly vintage, "but also some from Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin," say Baraldo.

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