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Denise Richards: 'Undercover Brother'

Denise Richards: 'Undercover Brother'

By Anna Pezik
In Style

(In Style) -- With her Barbarella bouffant and sexy, skin-tight togs White She Devil (Denise Richards's character) knows how to take care of business. So when she's deployed by a sinister underground movement to dupe seventies-swingin' operative "Undercover Brother" (Eddie Griffin) -- out to save the world from destruction -- she uses some smooth moves of her own.

"She starts out undercover as a sweet, naive girl (called Penelope Snow) and turns into this incredibly powerful, sexy, va-va-va-voom character," says costume designer Danielle Hollowell. From girl next door to girl with a gun, this modern-day superhero's hair gets bigger, her lips get glossier and "mauve shadows really make her eyes pop," says makeup artist Sandra Wheatle. "She's Cosmo Girl meets Barbie."


"I wanted a wild, vampish look," says hair designer Nathan Busch of White She Devil's big, teased-up hairdo. To create extra volume, Busch integrated a large, light blond "honeycomb mesh" hairpiece into Richards's natural golden locks. He then set the hair using large wire rollers, misting it with Redken Hot Sets. After removing rollers he finger-combed hair then brushed through it once before adding five pre-curled pieces for added length and thickness, one on each side of the head and three at the crown. Finally, he teased tresses and ribboned-off sections using Tancho pomade to add texture, finishing with a flatiron to "smooth and redirect hair" around the face.


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Using a damp brush, Wheatle swept lids with MAC eye shadow in Satin Taupe followed by MAC Girlie (dusty pink). For a soft, smoky effect, she used the brownie color from Lanc me Ombre Couture in Spiced Couture in creases and along lower lids. She lined lashes with MAC Crème liner in black, topped with more Spiced Couture. Next, she swept a wash of mauve shadows from Christian Dior 5-Colour eye shadow in Mauves on creases and lower lids, and used the palette's palest hue under the brow bone as a highlighter. The final touch: individual lashes applied to outer corners and L'Oréal mascara in black.


Though she spars like a tiger, White She Devil's looks are 100 percent sex kitten. Wheatle began with Trish McEvoy Cream Powder Makeup in N3 and N4 as a base, Lorac Cover Up in C3 under eyes, and Christian Dior DiorLight pressed powder in Light to set. For a warm glow, she dusted cheek apples with MAC shadow in Arena, a blend of Bobbi Brown pressed powder in Golden Orange and Versace bronzer No. 2001, and MAC blush in Harmony. On lips she mixed MAC Spice and Chestnut lip pencils then slicked on Kiehl's lip gloss in Tawny Gold. For added shine: MAC Lipmix in gold and yellow dabbed on the center of lips with clear gloss.


"Everything had to be white -- because of her name," says Hollowell, except when she poses as Penelope Snow, for which she wore baby blues, pinks and lavenders, "to keep her as pretty and soft as possible." When her identity is revealed, White She Devil wears a custom-made, stretch vinyl suit -- with crisscross holster -- that molds to her figure (shown left). The greatest styling challenge: "She not only had to look sexy in it, but strip down in it, get in the shower in it and fight in it," says Hollowell. In addition to being waterproof, the costume was designed to break down panel by panel into a halter bikini top and leggings -- for when she kicks some bombshell booty.

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