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Wallace and Gromit hit Web

Wallace and Gromit
Wallace and Gromit in the Oscar-winning film "The Wrong Trousers"  

LONDON, England -- Plasticine heroes Wallace and Gromit are to star in a series of mini-movies on the Internet.

Oscar-winning creator Nick Park has made a series of 12 one-minute movies centred on the long-suffering dog Gromit demonstrating his master's garage inventions.

It will be the first time the pair will have had a new adventure in six years, since 1995's "A Close Shave."

Park, who won an Oscar for the film "The Wrong Trousers," has also spent the past year working on the script for a full-length film featuring the duo, "The Great Vegetable Plot," which is due to be shown in two years.

The Internet films will be shown free and will be available to download starting this autumn.

They were inspired by a set of photos Park was commissioned to create by a U.S. magazine.

He was asked to come up with a set of photo vignettes with the theme of Wallace's Workshop, looking at the gadgets dreamt up by the amateur inventor.

Park has now expanded the idea to make them into mini-movies where Gromit demonstrates the innovations, which include a high-powered cricket ball bowling gun and a toaster-cum-TV.

Park's company Aardman has been a pioneer of Internet animation, with the series "Angry Kid" having been released on the Web.


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