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This week's reviews: 'Ghost Ship,' LL Cool J, more

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(PEOPLE) -- This week, PEOPLE.COM looks at the film "Ghost Ship," LL Cool J's album "10" and HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

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Movie review: 'Ghost Ship'

Gabriel Byrne, center, leads a scavenger hunt that turns up more boo's than booty in "Ghost Ship."
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If I were to make a movie called "Ghost Ship," it would be about the Love Boat crossing the river Styx to deliver a load of dead guest stars to the Underworld. Which is another way of saying that, apart from a spectacularly gross-out prologue and an unexpectedly kitschy wrap-up, there is not much in "Ghost Ship" to keep your mind from floating off like flotsam on a lifting tide.

A team of marine scavengers board the Antonia Graza, a long-vanished Italian luxury cruiser that has turned up in the Bering Sea. There are no signs of life other than some rats and a well-intentioned girl ghost who keeps trying to shoo crew member Julianna Margulies off this haunted vessel, where the pool fills up with blood and corpses tumble out of the laundry room. A few scenes suggest "The Shining" aboard the "Titanic," but mostly this is a slow cruise to hell. (R)

Bottom line: Not see-worthy

Music review: '10'

LL Cool J (Def Jam)

"Wish they could take my longevity and bottle it," boasts LL Cool J on this, his 10th album. The rapper -- who released his first disc, the hip-hop classic "Radio," at age 17 in 1985 -- deserves props for his staying power in a genre not known for its enduring artists.

Deftly mixing his old-school flow with contemporary beats on "10," LL taps into a younger generation raised on Nelly and Eminem. The first single, "Luv U Better," with its retro R&B flavor, has already hit the Top 10. One of five tight tracks crafted by the producers of the moment, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (a.k.a. the Neptunes), the sexy-smooth cut shows why Ladies Love Cool James.

Elsewhere, LL teams up with P. Diddy on "After School," one of several infectious party jams. Other guests include singer Amerie and vocal group Dru Hill. As for samples, they range from Hall & Oates to the Spinners. In the end, LL sounds as if he has 10 more albums left in him.

Bottom line: Still Cool after all these years

TV review: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

HBO (Sundays, 10 p.m. ET)

Now in its third season, "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David's sitcom remains an awe-inspiring (and hilarious) exercise in comedic extremes of chaos and control.

Like "Seinfeld," "Curb" -- which follows the explosively disgruntled Mr. David's daily frustrations in L.A. -- is a tight farcical rigging of intersecting coincidences, subterfuges and embarrassments. But the comedy is so perversely, overwhelmingly rich in absurdities, the mind is likely to break the episodes down into one big database of gags, characters and stories.

At any given moment a joke lights up the memory with a random ping, like points in a pinball game. This season's best moments have involved, in no particular order, peanut allergies, Jewish burial rites, sponge cake, Martin Short, dental caps, late wedding gifts and a child nicknamed Porn Baby. No way will I explain that last one.

Bottom line: Undiminished enthusiasm

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