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Arkansas football player kicked off team

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FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas -- A University of Arkansas football player was kicked off the team October 23 after police said they found weapons and several pounds of marijuana in his apartment.

Defensive tackle Jermaine Brooks was arrested late on Oct. 22, and charged with illegal delivery of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police say a large quantity of marijuana was being sold from Brooks apartment. A total of 10 1/2 pounds of the drug had been seized since the beginning of the investigation.

Auburn Celeste Williams, 21, also was arrested at the apartment. She faces many of the same charges as Brooks.

"I had to dismiss him from the team," football coach Houston Nutt said at a press conference announcing Brooks' dismissal. "I love him like a son. I don't think he realizes how disheartening this is to all of us.

"He has always been such a great person. He has been to my house, rode my horses," Nutt continued. "We have had him over to family dinner."

Investigators said they found 7 1/2 pounds of marijuana at Brooks' off-campus home as well as $16,841 in cash, rifles, handguns and drug paraphernalia.

If convicted, Brooks could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Nutt says the Razorbacks test any athletes that they feel suspect be using drugs, but they thought Brooks was clean.

"We are very active with drug testing and (head athletic trainer) Dean Weber does a good job of checking up on any suspicions we might have," Nutt said. "And that's the thing, Jermaine would have been the absolute last player we would have suspected. Every indication was that he was not taking drugs, but obviously we don't know for certain."

Brooks is a senior and had recorded 14 tackles in the team's first six games.

Louisville player sentenced in drug case

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- A University of Louisville football player was sentenced October 22 to two years for drug trafficking charges, but will not spend any time in prison and remains on the team.

Offensive lineman Jonta Woodard pleaded guilty to receiving 15.1 ounces of marijuana in the mail and possessing steroids. Woodard will enter a diversion program for a five-year period and not serve any actual jail time. The felony would be removed from his record at the end of the program.

Woodard's attorney fought to have the charges dismissed because two of the investigating officers, Detective Mark Watson and his partner, Christie Richardson, face more than 450 counts of police misconduct. Several of their cases could be thrown out and convicted felons might be released from prison. The case against Woodard was not dropped because Watson and Richardson were not the lead detectives on his case.

Woodard, a senior, was a junior college transfer who joined the Cardinals last season. He had played in six of the team's seven games at the time of his sentencing.

Charges dropped against Georgia player

ATHENS, Georgia -- Assault charges against a former University of Georgia basketball player have been dropped because the alleged victim did not want to pursue the case.

Tony Cole was accused of assaulting a woman in her car in August and for harassing her and her roommate over the phone. He was to appear in court on October 24, but the judge said the case had been dismissed. Cole was kicked off the team last month for misconduct.

In a separate case, aggravated assault charges against Cole were dismissed in August after a co-defendant was found not guilty in the case.

Cole, a senior, was dismissed from the team in September but remains in school, according to athletic department spokesman Tim Hicks.

Mississippi player charged in counterfeiting case

STARKVILLE, Mississippi -- A Mississippi State football player was charged with possession of counterfeit money after authorities said he was using fake $100 bills.

Freshman tailback Nick Turner, 18, surrendered to authorities on October 21, and released on $5,000 bond. Turner had been questioned by police several times in the days leading to his arrest. A conviction is punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison. Police are still investigating the case.

Turner, who has been suspended pending the outcome of the case, was one of the top high school running backs in 2001 as a senior at Washington High School in Atlanta. He has rushed for 31 yards on eight carries in four games with the Bulldogs.

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