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Portland grand jury indicts man arrested at airport

From Terry Frieden

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Somali native arrested by counterterrorism agents in Oregon over the weekend was indicted by a federal grand jury in Portland Monday on minor fraudulent document charge.

The man, Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman Kariye, remains the subject of further investigation according to federal law enforcement sources.

Kariye, whom FBI officials identify as a Muslim cleric, was arrested at the Portland, Oregon, airport. A federal law enforcement official says the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force took Kariye into custody because he was about to leave the country.


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"They obviously didn't want him to leave," said the official, who refused further comment.

Kariye is charged with having provided false information in obtaining a social security card in 1994, and attempting to use the fraudulently-obtained card in 1998 in trying to obtain U.S. citizenship.

The indictment says the man had previously received another Social Security Card in 1983 under the name Mohamed Shikh Abdirahman.

The indictment says the defendant also used different dates of birth and different names for his parents in applications to the INS and Social Security Administration. But the document provided no information on why Kariye had become a subject of interest to counterterrorism officials.




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