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Robert Blake: I'll be acquitted

Blake says he is in
Blake says he is in "infantry mode," passing his time in a "cement wilderness."  

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- In a jailhouse interview, Robert Blake expressed confidence he will be acquitted on charges he murdered his wife, and he vowed to return someday to the acting profession.

In a 30-minute, off-camera interview Saturday with CNN's Larry King at the Los Angeles County Jail, the 68-year-old actor -- his hair now gray -- said he has faced worse conditions on location and in some of his dressing rooms during his decades-long Hollywood career.

Blake told King he was in "infantry mode" and that, despite facing murder and conspiracy charges, "My glass is three-quarters full." He said his time in what he termed a "cement wilderness" is a passing phase.

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Blake said his toddler daughter, Rose -- his child with the woman he is accused of killing, Bonny Lee Bakley -- is scheduled to visit him next week. It will be the first time he has seen her since being arrested in April in connection with the slaying of Bakley, who was shot in the head in front of a Studio City restaurant in July 2001.

Contrary to media reports, Blake said, his sixth-month marriage to Bakley was not terrible, though he did not fully know her background because her stories changed "every day." He said he had no motive to murder her because, if he had wanted to, he could have simply separated from her and gotten legal custody of Rose.

Blake said he decided to try to make the marriage work for his daughter's sake.

Blake and Bakley dined together on the night she died and left the restaurant together. He told police he went back into the restaurant to retrieve a gun and found Bakley shot when he returned. Prosecutors allege he shot her himself.

But Blake told King that, unlike most murder suspects, he did nothing to evade capture or hide evidence, noting that he spent most of the night being questioned by police and didn't even change the clothes he was wearing when Bakley died.

Blake also characterized speculation about his bodyguard, Earle Caldwell, charged as a conspirator in the murder, as "crap." Blake has hired an attorney for Caldwell and posted his $1 million bail. He said Caldwell is being pressured to implicate him unjustly in the killing.




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