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Drivers, choose your weapons!

(Court TV) -- SPRING HILL, Florida -- An argument between two handicapped men over a hospital parking space escalated when one man whipped out a sword, prompting the other to pull out a gun.

Lee Damron, 48, was arrested for aggravated assault on March 13 for his bizarre and menacing behavior, authorities said.

Eyewitnesses in the crowded parking lot of Oak Hill Hospital told police that at about 3 p.m., Damron pulled near a disabled parking space, which was partially blocked by another car. Richard Cavalier, 59, the driver of the other car, had an appointment and had partly pulled into the space so that he and his wife could get his wheelchair out. Cavalier indicated to Damron that he planned to park in the spot, but Damron kept honking and eventually took the spot anyway.

Profanities were exchanged, followed by Damron stepping out of the car, holding onto a black cane with a golden snake head. Bystanders looked on with amazement as Damron then unsheathed a sword from the cane and proceeded to approach Cavalier. Cavalier immediately pulled out a 9mm handgun from the car and raised it slowly. Damron turned and ran through the hospital's sliding doors.

Police were called, and Damron was arrested minutes later. Cavalier was not charged because he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, authorities said. No court dates have been set yet, according to a Hernando County court clerk.

No more sex for father of 12

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- No money, no honey!

In lieu of a prison sentence, Luther Crawford must abstain from sex until he pays nearly $33,000 in back payments for child support, Jefferson County Judge Thomas McDonald ruled last week. Crawford, 50, is believed to have fathered at least 12 children with 11 different women, but authorities say that number could be as high as 23 kids.

Prosecutors suggested the unique agreement as a last-ditch effort to keep Crawford from impregnating any more women. Some have criticized the idea, but Commonwealth Prosecutor Allan Cobb remains resolute.

"This guy has been in and out of the court system for years and simply putting him in prison now would lead to additional costs for the county and not a single cent for the children," Cobb told Court TV.

Probation officers will be responsible for ensuring that Crawford complies with the court order. Cobb noted that many different scenarios could expose sexual activity by the man, but said that another pregnancy would be the most solid proof of a breach. If he fails to comply, Crawford risks an extended prison term.

Crawford agreed to the deal, but claims he has learned to use contraception and thought he should be allowed to at least have intercourse with protection.

Crawford, who has health problems that prevent him from working, receives disability benefits from which he must pay a certain amount each month. The balance of $33,000, which was accumulated between 1996 and 2001, is for only two of the children. Crawford probably owes more than a quarter million dollars in support for all his children, authorities say. "There's no constitutional right to have sex," Cobb said. "Crawford accepted the offer; he didn't waive a right. If you're not going to pay, then you must not play."

Man flees police, then returns

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida -- Why would anyone run from a police officer only to stop minutes later to help him?

That is the question Thomas Edward Tweed Jr. must have asked himself as he spent a day in the local jail on a charge of fleeing a police officer.

On the evening of March 12, Tweed, 35, drove speeding past deputy Keith Dalton who was parked on the side of the road. Dalton pursued him, but instead of pulling over, Tweed drove into the woods, authorities said. Dalton followed, but eventually was forced to stop after his wheel got stuck in a bog.

After contemplating what to do next, Tweed made a U-turn and headed back to help the troubled patrol car, according to a spokesman for the New Smyrna Beach police department.

Tweed apologized for not stopping, saying he feared the consequences of driving with a suspended license. Dalton arrested him after verifying that Tweed had various suspensions and revocations for traffic violations.

Motorist, dummy in HOV lane accident

SEATTLE, Washington -- Don't blame the dummy in the front seat for this car crash.

A woman driving with a fully dressed mannequin as her passenger was arrested after she caused a chain of collisions involving six cars and two buses.

Police say Susan Aeschliman-Hill, 59, was driving in the carpool lane on Interstate 405 in Renton during the early morning hours of March 12 when she cut off a bus that was carrying band members from a nearby high school. In an effort to avoid a collision, the bus driver sideswiped a pickup truck, which triggered a series of crashes that closed the freeway and backed up traffic for nearly an hour, according to a spokeswoman for the Washington state patrol.

Fifteen band members, a bus driver and a woman in another vehicle were treated for minor bumps and bruises.

Authorities say Aeschliman-Hill received the mannequin from a friend as a joke and admitted to frequently rigging the dummy as a female passenger to use the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane. According to eyewitnesses, the dummy was a convincing fake of a woman in a suit with a wig and makeup.

Authorities concede that people violate the HOV lane every day and while the act is not criminal, Aeschliman-Hill was cited for driving alone in the HOV lane and making an unsafe lane change.

-- Reported by Hozaifa Cassubhai




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