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Walker Lindh's parents maintain his innocence

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (CNN) The parents of American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh Thursday sat in the second row of a U.S. district courtroom in Alexandria, Virginia, to watch their son's arraignment on terrorism charges. Before the hearing, they met privately with their son. Afterward, the U.S. attorney handling the case, Walker Lindh's attorney and his parents spoke to reporters outside the courthouse.

Paul McNulty, U.S. attorney:

"He is being provided - as all defendants in Federal District Court would be provided -- the full rights and that includes the right to counsel, he has a very competent counsel and we will work though the issues in due course."

Frank Lindh, John Walker Lindh's father:

"We were troubled to find out that he did not get medical treatment until he was transferred to the U.S. Navy ship. He did not have medical treatment at Camp Rhino. But John is in good condition this morning. John loves America. We love America. John did not do anything against America. John did not take up arms against America. He never meant to harm any American and he never did harm to any American. John is innocent of these charges."

Marilyn Walker, John Walker Lindh's mother:

"It's been two years since I last saw my son. It was wonderful to see him this morning. My love for him is unconditional and absolute and I'm grateful to God that he has been brought home to his family, me, his home, his country."

James Brosnahan, John Walker Lindh's attorney:

"John Lindh is presumed innocent, under rules that are no mere technicalities, but find their origin actually in Virginia with people who understood the Constitution. There has been no trial, there have been no witnesses, and there have been no documents. No one should be talking as though they understand what will happen at the trial. For 54 days, the U.S. government has kept John Lindh away from a lawyer. We had a good meeting with John Lindh this morning. He began requesting a lawyer almost immediately, which would have been December 2nd, or 3rd. For 54 days he was held incommunicado, for 54 days, and he was charged last Tuesday and only arraigned this morning, being Thursday, a week later."




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