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Statement by Walker's attorney

(CNN) -- Statement issued by George C. Harris, an attorney hired by John Walker's family, following the U.S. Justice Department's announcement that the American Taliban fighter would be tried on multiple charges, including conspiracy to murder Americans abroad.

Walker charged with murder conspiracy 
Bush made decision on Walker 10 days ago 

The government's decision to charge John Walker Lindh as announced today comes after 45 days of interrogation. John has been in U.S. custody since December 1, 2001, and he has been represented by counsel retained by his parents since that time. Despite repeated attempts by his family and his counsel to see him, John has not been given access to a lawyer. To the best of our knowledge, he has not even been informed that his parents have retained lawyers who are working on his behalf.

We are going to do everything in our power to make sure that John has a fair trial. Toward that end, we request that government officials who have, for the past six weeks, been commenting on this case through press leaks and otherwise, cease their public speculation about this case and respect the presumption of innocence and the fair procedures that our Constitution guarantees to all American citizens.




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