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New product targets the 'core'

The "Core Board" workout takes inspiration from aerobics, yoga and pilates.  

(CNN) -- Each day, millions of Americans make their way to gyms across the country in an attempt to burn off those love handles, firm up their thighs and keep that fading New Year's resolution alive.

Fitness experts say the problem isn't always how often people work out, but what they actually do at the gym.

Lifting weights is good for building arm and leg muscles, but what about those hard-to-reach and often-forgotten muscles in the abdomen and back?

These so-called "core muscles" -- the deepest muscle layers in the abs and torso -- are central in controlling and enhancing our movement and fluidity. But targeting these muscles is not always easy.

CNN's Liz Weiss discovers a new workout that's a cross between yoga, aerobics and a balancing act. (March 14)

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The makers of a new fitness product claim their exercise board does just that: The "Core Board," they say, challenges those inner muscles essential for balance, posture and body strength.

Lis Weiss takes a look at the high-energy, balance-building workout.




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