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'Delay' condom proves popular

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LONDON, England -- A condom that contains an anaesthetic to prolong lovemaking has smashed all sales records, its manufacturers say.

Durex has sold 18,000 Performa condoms via the Internet in the past three months -- outselling other types the company sells online by a margin of five to one.

Each condom contains a small amount of lubricant cream inside the tip, which disperses with body heat.

The cream contains Benzocaine, a mild anaesthetic that de-sensitises the tip of the penis, so sex can last longer.

The Perfoma is currently only sold on the Internet but the company is aiming to make it available in shops in the UK by Christmas.

Amanda Tucker, Durex UK marketing manager, said: "If interest through the Internet is any guide then this will change the way people think about condoms."

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