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Bush promotes volunteer service

'Give someone in need a reason to be thankful'

President Bush is spending the holiday weekend at his ranch in Texas.
President Bush is spending the holiday weekend at his ranch in Texas.

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CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- President Bush returned to his volunteerism theme in Saturday's weekly radio address, saying the Thanksgiving season was the time "to renew our commitment to helping those in need."

Recent presidential radio addresses have hammered political issues, especially Bush's successful push to establish a Department of Homeland Security with the management flexibility he wanted.

But two days after Thanksgiving, Bush -- spending the holiday at his ranch in Texas -- said that though families all have their own traditions, "we are united as a nation in setting aside a day of gratitude."

"The blessings we have received take on special meaning in this time of challenge for our country," the president said. "Over the last year, millions of Americans have found renewed appreciation for our liberty and for the men and women who serve in its defense. We have held our family and our friends closer, spending more time together, and letting them know we love them."

Bush urged his listeners to go a step further and volunteer to help "give someone in need a reason to be thankful."

"I hope you'll consider joining the armies of compassion, and dedicating time and energy and service to others," he said. "I'm so proud of the millions of Americans who have answered the call to service, enriching the lives of others with acts of kindness."

Bush promoted his USA Freedom Corps, created earlier this year, as a starting point for volunteerism.

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