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Porter wins new Nevada House seat

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) -- State Sen. Jon Porter won Nevada's new congressional seat, handily defeating Democrat Dario Herrera.

Designed as one of the country's most competitive seats, Democrats were hoping to pick up the new district in the Las Vegas suburbs. Party leaders coalesced behind Herrera at an unusually early date -- months, actually, before Nevada even received word it was gaining a third House seat.

Herrera, the Clark County Commission chairman and a former state Assemblyman, raised an impressive amount of money early and appeared virtually invincible. But he stumbled after Porter hit him on ethical issues and watched with glee this summer as his poll numbers plummeted.

Herrera was also stalked this spring by an anonymous Web site,, which made salacious and unsubstantiated charges against his personal and political life.

Herrera tried to tie Porter to House GOP support for moving nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain, south of Las Vegas, but he has met with limited success because Porter, like most Nevada Republicans, strongly opposes the plan. The latest independent poll released before the election showed Herrera trailing badly.

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