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Capito defeats Humphreys in West Virginia rematch

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CHARLESTON, West Virginia (CNN) -- In a rematch of their 2000 race, GOP Rep. Shelley Moore Capito Tuesday defeated Democrat Jim Humphreys, CNN projects.

In 2000, Capito became the first Republican elected to Congress from West Virginia in decades, beating Humphreys, a free-spending attorney, by about 5,000 votes despite being outspent more than 5-to-1.

Democrats hoped to reclaim the seat in 2002 with a stronger candidate. But that plan was derailed by Humphreys, who ran again and beat the party's endorsed candidate in this year's primary, former Superior Court Judge Margaret Workman.

Humphreys again spent heavily from his own fortune and was on track to spend $10 million over the two election cycles. But Capito, the daughter of former GOP Gov. Arch Moore, also caught a break earlier this year when Democrats who controlled redistricting did not pack more Democrats into her district.

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