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Harkin projected to win third term in Iowa


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DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) -- Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin won re-election Tuesday after a strong challenge from GOP Rep. Greg Ganske, CNN projects.

The race featured the nation's latest political eavesdropping scandal. Harkin, who has served two terms, was forced to fire his campaign manager and another aide after it was reported that a man tape-recorded a closed Ganske fund-raiser September 3 and then gave the recording to Harkin aides. Aides then tried to offer the tape to the news media. The man was later revealed to be a former Harkin aide.

Unlike former congressmen Tom Tauke and Jim Ross Lightfoot, who both represented GOP strongholds before challenging Harkin, Ganske, a centrist maverick, hails from Des Moines, the most Democratic part of Iowa. Polls had shown the race narrowing late this summer, with Ganske trailing Harkin by single digits.

Harkin easily raised more funds than Ganske, with more than $2 million on hand at the start of October to Ganske's $429,000.

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