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Republicans projected to retain House

Georgia's Majette projected to defeat Van Auken

Maryland Democrat C.A.
Maryland Democrat C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger is projected by CNN to defeat Republican Helen Delich Bentley.

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Republicans control the House, 223-208.
An Independent holds one seat and three seats formerly held by Democrats are vacant.
All 435 House seats are being contested.
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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- CNN is projecting that the Republican Party will retain control of the House of Representatives.

Going into the midterm elections, the GOP controlled the House with 223 seats and the Democrats held 208; there were one Independent plus three vacancies.

With polls closed in all states but Alaska, CNN projects that Democrat C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger will defeat Republican Helen Delich Bentley for Maryland's 2nd District House seat.

The seat is being vacated by Rep. Robert Ehrlich, a Republican who ran for governor. CNN earlier projected Ehrlich won the race. (Governor's races)

In other projections:

•CNN projects that Republican Chris Chocola will defeat Democrat Jill Long Thompson to win Illinois' 2nd District House seat. The seat is being vacated by Democratic Rep. Tim Roemer, who abruptly decided to retire last year. President Bush made several trips to Indiana in support of Chocola's bid.

•CNN projects that Kansas incumbent Rep. Dennis Moore, a Democrat, will defeat Republican Adam Taff to win the state's 3rd District House seat.

•Rep. Eric Cantor, a first-term Republican congressman from Virginia, will defeat Democrat Ben "Cooter" Jones to win the state's 7th District House seat. Jones, who starred on the popular TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard," served as a representative from Georgia from 1988 to 1992.

•CNN has projected a win by Florida Republican Tom Feeney over Democrat Harry Jacobs in District 24. And CNN projects that incumbent Republican Rep. Clay Shaw defeats Democrat Carol Roberts for Florida's 22nd House District. Shaw has served in the position since 1981. Roberts served on the Palm Beach County election canvassing board during the 2000 presidential recount.

•CNN is also projecting Republican Katherine Harris the winner of the District 13 seat also sought by Democrat Jan Schneider. Harris is remembered by many as the state's controversial secretary of state during the 2000 election troubles there.

•CNN projects that Republican Jeb Bradley defeats Democrat Martha Fuller Clark for New Hampshire's 1st District House seat. Rep. John Sununu did not seek the post in order to run for the Senate. (Senate races)

•CNN projects that Republican Scott Garrett defeats Democrat Anne Sumers to win New Jersey's District 5 House seat. Rep. Marge Roukema, a Republican, is not seeking a 12th term.

•CNN projects that Democrat Rahm Emanuel, who was a White House aide during former President Bill Clinton's first term, will defeat Republican Mark Augusti for Illinois' District 5 House seat.

•CNN projects that Democrat Denise Majette defeats Republican Cynthia Van Auken to win Georgia's District 4 House seat, previously held by Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Democrat, who lost the primary.

•CNN projects that Rep. John Linder, a Georgia Republican, defeats Democrat Michael Berlon. Linder defeated conservative Republican Rep. Bob Barr in the primary after redistricting pitted them against each other.

•CNN also projects Republican incumbent Anne Northup the winner of Kentucky's District 3 seat. Northup sits on the House Appropriations Committee. (Hot race in Kentucky)

Battles for seats

Whatever the final outcome of Tuesday's midterm elections, there will be at least 50 new representatives in Washington when the 108th Congress convenes. That's how many of the 435 U.S. House races were run between two candidates not currently in office.

Seeking re-election were 391 incumbents. There were 18 new districts created by reapportionment, which takes place every 10 years following the census.

•In Kentucky's 4th District race, conservative Democratic incumbent Rep. Ken Lucas faces GOP challenger Geoff Davis.

•West Virginia is seeing a repeat of 2000's face-off between Republican Shelley Moore Capito and Democrat Jim Humphreys. Capito defeated Humphreys in 2000 to become the first Republican elected to Congress from West Virginia in decades.

•District 2 in New Mexico is a tossup between Republican Steve Pearce and Democrat John Arthur Smith. Both are seeking to occupy the seat left open by Republican Rep. Joe Skeen.

•South Dakota Republican Rep. John Thune vacated his seat and is running for Senate. Republican Gov. Bill Janklow faces Democrat Stephanie Herseth for the open seat. Everyone in South Dakota votes on this at-large seat.

•Californians are replacing Democrat Rep. Gary Condit, who resigned following the Chandra Levy scandal. Democrats initially thought this would be a safe seat to fill but Republican Dick Monteith closed the gap with Democrat Dennis Cardoza in the 18th District.

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